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Jordan Ninkovich

About Jordan Ninkovich

Jordan Ninkovich is an accomplished film production designer for film & TV for networks such as Hallmark, Lifetime, Fox, TUBI, A&E and many others. His outstanding work ethic and leadership skills have been present in every production team he works with; Jordan’s approach to production design is with the mindset of raising the bar with every film he works on. As a result, Jordan provides producers, directors and networks with excellent deliverables for each production. Most recently, he was part of a production design, “Cough in His Web” by executive producer Whoopi Goldberg, new films for fox “The Shell Collector” and Hallmark Christmas movies, and much more. Furthermore, Jordan continues to pursue his acting career. In addition, Jordan Ninkovich is an author; his book is called “Epidemic,” which is about bullying and obesity in youth. Jordan went on tour across Canada in 2016, speaking to youth about bullying and wellbeing.

News & Media Features

Getting to Know You: Jordan Ninkovich, Film and Television Production Designer

Raised in Richmond, a small city in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Jordan Ninkovich has always been passionate about film, design, and the arts.

Jordan Ninkovich Shares Skills Required to Be a Production Designer

Do you have what it takes to be a production designer? It is a challenging and exciting career field, but not everyone is suited for it.

Jordan Ninkovich is the Subject of a New Interview

It is with great enthusiasm that Jordan Ninkovich, film and television production designer, author, and anti-bullying activist, announces that he is the subject of a new interview.

Jordan Ninkovich Explains What Production Design Is

Production design is a process used to create the look and feel of a movie, television show, or another type of visual media.

An Interview With Jordan Ninkovich Production Designer

Growing up in Richmond, British Columbia, Jordan Ninkovich was raised in a creative yet business-oriented household. His father traveled extensively as an entrepreneur, often with Jordan accompanying him.

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